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Hi! I'm Annie, and I'm an undergraduate student at Dartmouth College double majoring in Computer Science and Economics with a minor in Digital Arts. I'm passionate about the intersection between technology and business: how technology can aid and advance our human interactions and lead to a better, more efficient world.

This is reflected in my projects, as they have been centered around using computational tools to bring good to the world. For example, using AI and ML to aid indigenous languages transition the digital world to prevent them from going dormant; using computer graphics to efficiently visualize the transmission of diseases through fluids with a goal to develop solutions without needing to see mass real-world simulations.

I'm currently focused in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, digital animations, learning the UI/UX of webpages, and education about these topics. I also enjoy learning about cybersecurity and participating in CTF challenges on the side.

Got anything challenging and new? Count me in :)

When I'm not working, I love playing music, especially piano and flute, and exploring the outdoors. Ask me about music, artistic swimming, tennis, skiing, kayaking, and disc golf!

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Houdini FX




Google Cloud





Web Design


Graphic Design


Machine Learning




Artificial Intelligence




11+ years performing

Artistic Swimming

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8+ years performing


JV in high school, hobby

Disc Golf

Pretty good, hobby

Being happy

What have I worked on?

Recent Projects & Papers


Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Solid-Fluid Interaction
Jinyuan Liu, Mengdi Wang, Fan Feng, Annie Tang, Qiqin Le, Bo Zhu.
ACM Transactions on Graphics. SIGGRAPH ASIA 2022.
[paper] [video] [project page]

Projects and More

All Projects Research Design
Screenshot of Color Sudoku Game we developed

Color Sudoku

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Color Sudoku

A fun, interactive spin on the traditional Sudoku puzzle where the numbers are colors while the rules remain the same.

Color Sudoku is the implemented version you see here. We also created a Classic Sudoku Game that can be played in the console/terminal.

Check out the GitHub Project for more details!

  • Color Sudoku + Classic Sudoku game with a creator and solver

  • Collaborated with two teammates as Project Manager & Deveoper and completed in two weeks

  • Playable on any device

  • Tools: C, Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Netlify

3D elastocapillarity models of hydrophobic and hydrophilic solid-fluid interactions

Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic
Solid-Fluid Interactions

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Physically-based Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic Solid-Fluid Interactions

Research and a published paper with Professor Zhu and the Dartmouth Visual Computing Lab that proposes a novel solid-fluid coupling method to capture the subtle hydrophobic and hydrophilic interctions between liquid, solid, and air at their multi-phase junctions.

  • Accepted for publication in 2022 as a SIGGRAPH Paper.

  • Collaborated with 5 graduate students and worked as a Graphic Designer for 12 fluid simulations capturing the solid-fluid coupling method.

  • Tools: Houdini VFX, Python

Cabecar keyboard

Predictive Text Cabécar Keyboard

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Predictive Text Cabécar Keyboard

Improved the Cabécar keyboard that includes Predictive Text to encourage and empower speakers of Cabécar to use their own language and preserve linguistic diversity.

  • Increased accuracy of Predictive Text by modifying the lexical model.

  • Worked as a Developer to add shortcuts and functionalities seen in popular keyboards like autocorrecting two spaces to ". " and auto-capitalization after a period.

  • Tools: Keyman Developer

input and output of the Tiny Search Engine

Tiny Search Engine

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Tiny Search Engine

Want to use a search engine other than Google? Try mine! A mini search engine that you can use to search a domain for words and I'll return you the score of the pages' relevance (aka how many words matched your query)

  • Three parts for functionality: crawler, indexer, and querier

  • Tools: C, Bash, Linux

three photos of the webcam based painting program, one with live webcam, one with photo, and one with the drawing output

Webcam-Based Painter

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Webcam-Based Painter

Want to paint something on your screen when FaceTiming with a friend? This webcam-based painting program is perfect for you. This program uses some portion of the image as a "paintbrush" and moving it on the screen will leave a trail of color. This program can also take an image and randomly recolors the largest portions if you ever wanted to make some graffiti without getting arrested.

  • Developed based on a region growing/flood fill algorithm.

  • Tools: Java

map of Dartmouth College highlighting the shortest path from point A to B

Dartmouth Pathfinder

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Dartmouth Pathfinder

Ever wanted to find the shortest path to get to class with as little time needed? The Dartmouth Pathfinder is for you. Pick two points on the map and it'll find the shortest path from official walkways, so it doesn't include J-walking or cutting through grass.

  • Uses BFS with backchaining to find the shortest path.

  • Tools: Python

display of a box pig drawn by two students using a collaborative graphical editor

Collaborative Graphical Editor

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Collaborative Graphical Editor

A collaborative graphical editor that can have multiple simultaneous editors on the same document, a large variety of colors to choose from, and can handle multiple objects at a time.

  • Gives you the creative freedom to draw anything your heart desires

  • Shape objects to draw include rectangles, line segments, ellipses, and free hand of course.

  • Tools: Java

What have I learned?

Timeline of Experience

Returned this summer to intern with the Quality Analyst Team and Data Migration Team where I collaborate with clients to redesign and restructure their current government webpages (sitemaps, specifically) through using Microsoft Office tools. I regularly communicate with clients by conducting the first meeting for this phase of the project and guiding them step by step through creating a website layout that's clear, user-friendly, and makes their vision come to life.

Communication happens through phone call, Zoom meetings, and email. Through these bi-weekly meetings (on average) with the clients, we discuss how the process is going on either side and resolve any issues. I currently have 16 ongoing projects with clients and am in the middle of developing an algorithm to help digitize a portion of our phase that can make this phase easier on both the clients and our company.

Why I work here?
To aid governments in developing user friendly, accessible, and beautiful webpages with the latest technology to strengthen the connection between the government and the people.

Working as a computer science instructor for Python and Java, mentoring students from ages 8-17 on computational topics ranging from Introductory Python to Artificial Intelligence.

Why I work here?
To teach the generations of our future the latest technology and tools so they can take it and run with it.

Selected out of 10,000 applicants to partake in a four-week long 2022 Insight Series to learn more about the financial service industries. This series provided opportunities to learn about the different departments at Goldman Sachs and prepared me for the world of investment banking and private equity.

Worked with Assistant Professor Rolando Coto Solano as the lead developer in creating an open-source keyboard with predictive text for Bribri, the indigenous Costa Rican language (see Projects). This project is part of a larger study in the Indigenous Languages, specifically the Costa Rican indigenous languages, to increase the computational resources to study these languages and digitize them, so indigenous languages like these will not go dormant.

This was created using the Keyman Developer open-source resources. I also assisted in improving the functionality and UI/UX for the Cabécar and Cook Islands Māori keyboards. I will continue the development of the Bribri keyboard in Fall 2022.

Why I worked here?
To help indigenous and minority languages stay thriving by increasing their digital resources, and maintain our diverse world of languages.

As a Women in Science Project first-year undergraduate researcher, I was part of Assistant Professor Bo Zhu's SimpleX team where I research the intersection of computer graphics, computational physics, and scientific machine learning. My main work focused on reproducing the beauty and complexity of fluids through using high-performance and high-fidelity algorithms.

After joining in Winter Term of my first year, I collaborated with five graduate students to publish a SIGGRAPH Technical Paper about the Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Solid-Fluid Interactions in three months (see Projects), and my main contribution was designing and rendering 12 elastocapillarity models that solve the interfacial physics between liquid, air, and deformable solids by dynamically tracking their contact lines.

I will return in Fall 2022 to continue my work in fluid graphics.

Why I work here?
To help advance the ability to produce real world simulations, specifically reproducing how disease is transmitted through fluids. By accurately simulating this, we hope to increase the chances of preventing infectious disease transmission before it's too late.

Attending Dartmouth College as the class of 2025, pursuing an undergraduate degree with a double major in Computer Science and Economics.

Favorite activities so far: Dartmouth Cybersecurity Society, Dartmouth College Wind Ensemble, Dartmouth Outing Club, Women in Business, Women in Computer Science

I Interned at Revize, a software company focused on developing government websites in the summer of 2021 where I was an intern for the Project Management Team and the Customer Support Team. I monitored the company's support portal and contacted coworkers on any outstanding client-reported issues. I assisted four Project Managers in testing, creating, and designing 28 client webpages and communicated with the clients along the process about upcoming scheduled training meetings.

Graduated Summa Cum Laude as part of the Class of 2021, with a 4.0/4.0 unweighted GPA and a perfect ACT Score. I was also part of the National Honor Society and received the Presidential Award.

Favorite activities: Varsity Synchronized Swimming, Troy Colt Marching Band, JV Girls Tennis

What has helped prepare me?

Relevant Coursework

Software Design and Implementation

C, Bash/Shell Script, Git, Unix

Designing and building large, reliable, maintainable, and understandable software systems.

Accelerated Computational Linguistics

Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Using computational models and statistical approaches to process language.

Problem Solving via Object-Oriented Programming

Java, Object-Oriented Programming

Solving computational problems involving abstraction, modularity, data structures, and algorithms.

Development Economics

Economic and Decision-Making analysis to understand many contemporary issues (like extreme poverty, hunger, disease, inequality, child labor, etc.) in low-income countries.

Intermediate Macroeconomics (Fall 2022)

Analyzing models of fluctuations in economic activity and evaluating monetary and fiscal policies to understand current macroeconomic controversies

Financial Intermediaries and Markets (Fall 2022)

Analyzing the nature & function of financial intermediaries and securities markets; the liquidity and risk management, efficiency, stability, and regulation of the financial system.

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